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Outriders debut CD was released in April 2013. Visit the Listen page to hear some of the songs. Please support us by purchasing the CD today!

We make music in a yellow house.

The first full Outriders CD was released in April 2013. This record was written and recorded at Barleycorn Studios in the sleepy city of Shoreview, Minnesota.


*ALERT* New recordings have been posted! These songs are a good representation of the Outriders sound. We hope you like them!

Outriders Debut CD Available Now!

The CD features 12 new songs, written and recorded at Barleycorn Studios in the Twin Cities.

John Langevin

John Langevin

Lead Outrider, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

As the song says, “Born by the river back in nineteen sixty six”. John keeps his hands in a constant state of torture playing various instruments– 6 & 12 string guitars, mandolin, lap steel, piano and organ. At the top of his long list of musical influences are Little Feat, Van Morrison, The Band, and World Party. Over the years, John has filled piles of notebooks, cassette tapes, and hard drives with his lyrics and music. More and more, these songs are seeing the light of day. At one time, John’s recording studio consisted of the archaic Tascam Porta3 4-track cassette recorder. These days, he enjoys a modern studio, which includes an array of boutique equipment. After all these years of writing and recording music, his first official CD, the self titled “Outriders”, was finally released in April 2013.

David Parsons

David Parsons

Lead Guitar

Dave has been playing guitar for most of his years. He is equally adept playing in the studio as he is in an impromptu jam session. Dave’s knack for music production and engineering has been an invaluable resource in the making of Outriders debut CD. Dave’s wife, Carol Lee, created the artwork that graces the cover of the CD.

Ayman Hassan

Ayman Hassan

Drums, Percussion

Ayman has enjoyed playing percussion instruments since childhood and enjoys it more every day. He’s played in a few local bands, but is now excited to be playing with his friends and former band mates in the Outriders. He has had many influences throughout the years, but mainly what he grew up on….Classic Rock!! His personal drumming style, along with the unique sound stemming from the set of Roland V-drums, makes him the driving force behind the Outriders live shows.

Alan Vind

Alan Vind

Bass Guitar

Alan gives us the low down with his salacious bass styling.  He has logged many years of playing bass, rhythm and lead guitar for several bands. Being the Outriders sound system guru, Al certainly knows how to set up a show. He also plays keyboards and moonlights as a piano tuner. He is always surrounded by music and it shows! Al brings experience where it’s needed.

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Our home base is in Shoreview, Minnesota, U.S.A.  If you would like to inquire about booking Outriders to play at your bar, party, or bar-party, please use the contact form.